Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Voice of Truth

Let me introduce myself. Joel Kaye, older brother to Captain Kaye. Sounds funny, but Brenda will always be my younger sister. Of course, I saw a different side of my sister when she was in the Army. The professional that my sister became made me proud. Of course, how such a smart woman married the loser she did, I don't understand, but then again, I'm most comfortable dealing with the four legged females.

I will tell you, no brother should see his baby sister in the hospital with broken legs, scars on her arms and legs from bomb shrapnel. When I walked into the hospital at Fort Sam Houston, I thought my legs would give out and I was seeing her three months after the suicide bomber injured her.

'Course I remember my sister as the pest she was when we'd been growing up. She thought it was her job to compete with me.  She wasn't interested in stuff in the kitchen and cooking with mom.  She wanted to be in the barn helping my dad, but that was my sis. After our parents were killed in that car accident, Brenda slept walked through her senior year, denying herself any comfort or joy.  It was no wonder she joined the Army the day after she graduated from high school.  I will say, she made her way and I'm proud of her.

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