Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's a touchdown.

It's been one month since I had my last chemo session. Halleluiah.  I've had all the follow up tests and my doc tell me I am cancer free.  What a relief.  Looking back on the last six months, it seems like it happened to someone else.  The Lymphoma  never seemed to touch my soul.  It never became part of me.  I think the Lord shielded me during this time and was my strength. 

Now, except for going to the oncology center, I have not been anywhere since May.  I am ready to go out shopping and have lunch with friends--except now the flu is tearing through our area, making lots of folk sick and some are dying.  Well, at the tender spot I'm in, I guess I'll be in the house until March.  But I need that time to finish the book I'm working on.  Chemo brain has faded and starting Monday, I'm at the computer and working.  I've missed my characters.  The story is book 2 in my Rodeo Heroes series.
March 2014

Joel Kaye was introduced in A Ranch to Call Home.  He's finally living his dream of being on the rodeo circuit and finds life at 32 is a little different than life at 18.  What you put up with when young changes as we get older.

His sister's story, Captain Brenda Kaye is told in A Ranch to Call Home.  I hope you'll enjoy it and come back to the blog and see the characters opinions and behind the scenes comments on the book.