Monday, April 7, 2014

Animals Know

Joel here. I learned early on to trust my horse, Razor, as a judge of character. Razor is an athlete.  He works in the rodeo arena, helping me to rescue cowboys off bucking horses. Unfortunately, Razor is known to be prickly and doesn't like strangers to come up on him and stroke him. More than one cowboy has found out the hard way not to try to touch Razor uninvited.

Well, I cautioned Kaye the first time she approached Razor. She offered him a carrot, and he acted like a puppy, loving to be stroked. I felt like an idiot with my warning, but noticed how my horse took to Kaye. Razor's reaction ran straight into my heart and I knew there was something special about this lady.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I'm going to break in my characters chat and talk about the real Branigan that Billye Ludwig Zimmerman owned in the book.  Here's Branigan real information.  He is one handsome dog and as in the book, he is a hero.