Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day

I hope you've had a wonderful Labor Day.  This is the official end of summer, which has been a trip though wonderland for me, as I've gone through my chemo treatments for the lymphoma.   The body has responded well.  Most of the lymph nodes behind my ear are a normal size.  I am in awe.

Next, I will say that all the nurses at the center where  I go are amazing.  They work their hearts out, taking care of their patients.  I'm sure that there are days when they go home exhausted and discouraged.  I do appreciate them.

After this last round out chemo, my numbers all dropped, but again the nurses have helped me through the situation, letting me know about Ensure and giving me fluids.  My doctor has been great, too.

We can wonder and question why this type of thing happens.  That hasn't been my reaction.  What I wonder is what I need to learn in this situation.  God is walking with me, so  I need to pay attention.  I've order the book, Praying the Names of God, by Ann Spangler.  I am looking forward to learning how to walk closer with God.

I want to thank all the friends and family that have provided meals and prayer.  Y'all are a treasure.

PS.  A good friend, Mindy Openhaus has her first book out this month.  She is blogging at
Please go and take a look.

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