Monday, August 10, 2015

A Delay

I wanted to share with my readers that Book 3 in the Legacy of Lies series--Stolen Secrets will be out a little later than I planned--probably end of October. Book 3 of the Rodeo Heroes series with Love Inspired will be out the end of 2016. Why the delay? I've shared with you my cancer journey and I was feeling great, but in January of this year, strange things started to happen. A wire poked out of my scalp, so I went to a plastic surgeon. One of the screws holding the plate in place in my head (tumor ate away the bone) had broken off. I had that fixed, but other things started to happen. The plastic surgeon felt the edges of the plate curling up, so she sent me for a consultation. The long and short of it was, I saw the new doctor one day, and was in the hospital the following week. The plate was replaced and my scalp resectioned. I think I've lost my hair 5 times. (I really am not going for a record.) July was a lost month for me, so my schedule to finish the Indie book took a hit. I plan to spend August and September on Stolen Secrets. I promise I'll work as quickly as possible, but at this point, I can't push. Thank you to all who've written and followed my journey. I treasure your prayers.