Saturday, March 1, 2014

Captain Brenda

When I was writing Redemption Ranch (two books back) Captain Brenda Kaye popped into my head.  Originally she was only to have a walk-on roll in the story.  She was at the equine therapy ranch to strengthen the muscles of her legs and lower body, since she’d spent months in the hospital healing from the injuries she received when a suicide bomber walked into the restaurant in Baghdad where she was meeting with some of the local women and blew himself up.

That was the plan, but I didn’t count on Captain Kaye.  Every day when I opened my file to continue writing Redemption Ranch, there was the captain, waiting to insert herself into the story. Well, finally after a week of playing tug-of-war with Brenda, I promised her her own book. After I made that promise, Brenda left me alone.  

Of course when I started writing A Ranch to Call Home, the captain let me know within the first few pages she went by the name of “Kaye.”  That's who she was. Teenage Brenda stayed on the ranch.  Of course, the teenage Brenda and the grown up Kaye are going to have to come to terms. 
Fortunately for Kaye, there’s a handsome cowboy,  Caleb Jensen,  (a friend of her brother) staying at the ranch. Caleb is fighting his own demons, and knows the battles she's facing.  They are two wounded people who help each other face their fears—and find love.  But Kaye's going to put in her two-cents worth.  I need say no more.

P.S.  Be on the lookout.  The book is out in different parts of the country.

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