Sunday, March 30, 2014


Kaye here. When my brother asked me to take over his job as the person putting together the charity rodeo for the local ranchers to raise money for  seed and hay for their animals, he suckered me by telling me how good I was at organizing things. Have you ever had someone do that to you? Your brother or sister? Little did I know how that rodeo would change my life.

Joel thought he was off the hook, but he was wrong.  He had to pull his weight, too.  I also came in contact with was my best friend from high school, Billye Ludwig Zimmerman. When I ran into her while buying a new washer and dryer after the lightning strike zapped them, it was being transported back to high school.

Out of her failed marriage she got two wonderful children and a great dog,  Branigan.  He's an Irish wolfhound and a true champ.  Billye got the better end of the deal.  Isn't he handsome?

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