Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Going Home

Kaye, here.  I don't know too many adults who like going home.  For me, I was running.  When I lost my parents and grandmother New Year's Eve my senior year in high school, well the easiest way to cope with the pain was ignore it.  But that came back to bite me hard.  When I went home, all those memories--good and bad were there.  Facing them wasn't an easy thing, but God provided a friend, Caleb Jensen, to be there, someone I could rely on.  I knew I could trust him when I freaked out during a massive rain storm and flashed back to Iraq.  Caleb held me, and didn't asked any questions.  That's a man you can depend on.

And I'm just dying to tell you, when lightning struck our ranch house, blowing out all our electronics.  Do you know what I found in my brother's bathroom?  A hairdryer.  He didn't have an explanation.  Who knew?

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