Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

Merry Christmas.  This will be the most unusual Christmas I've spent, but it will be very joyous.  I have finished all my chemo for the lymphoma, and things look good. I have to thank my wonderful doctor, and the nurses and staff of Texas Ontology in McKinney.  They have faithfully worked with me and taken blood, given chemo and never once was anyone down or less than encouraging.  They are truly angels in uniform.

Now, I'll admit, I don't feel so hot.  I'm not going to wrestle any alligators in the coming weeks, but I am looking forward to writing again.   I haven't been writing because I'm in that stage of chemo where you get 'chemo brain' and can't think too clearly.  But my editors at Love Inspired have given me extra time to finish this second book in my Rodeo Heroes series.

Unfortunately, my numbers are too low to go to Christmas dinner with my family, but my husband will bring home a plate from the dinner. We have done a smaller version of decorating. My daughter

and husband brought us small tree so my husband doesn't have to go into the attic and get the big tree.  It works and I am thankful.
And here is my new cover for my March 14 book.

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