Thursday, December 6, 2012

Brenda's story is finished.

Some of the best time a writer has is when they finish writing a book.  I finished Captain Brenda Kaye's story on Tuesday.  I did a happy dance, then sent the manuscript to my proofer.  There is no way I could turn a book in without another person reading it.  Most writers need another set of eyes to look over the book, but with me, well, it's twice as bad.

I met the lady who does my proofing when I was in Bonham at their library doing a reading.  Bonham has organized a day in Feb. when they invite local writers to come and talk.  The ladies there bring a dish and feed us all.  It is a wonderful day.  Meeting readers is a highlight.  And I love going there.  That's where I met my proofer and she's been doing it for me for several years.  She's a jem.

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