Saturday, November 17, 2012

Captain Brenda Kaye

If y'all recall in Beth's book, Redemption Ranch, there was a character, Captain Brenda Kaye.  When she appeared in the book, she wanted to take over.  Every time I started writing on Redemption Ranch, "Kaye" as she wants to be called--not Brenda, kept coming to my mind first.  After several days, I had to talk to the captain and say, "This is not your book, but you can have  your own."  With that promise, Kaye behaved. 

I am now writing Kaye's book.  She's back home and dealing with lots of baggage after being injured  when a insurgent walked into the cafe where she was meeting with several Iraqi women and blew himself up.  She's spent a lot of time in the hospital.  The hero of that book, Caleb Jensen, who is a pick-up rider in the rodeo.  He's facing a few problems of his own.  Now, for Kaye's eagerness to interrupt Beth's book, she's mighty reluctant to talk now.  I'll get it out of her, rest assured.

Since Caleb is a pick-up rider, I needed to do some research and  went to a rodeo in a neighboring town..  All research such be such fun.

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