Thursday, September 27, 2012

What do you expect?

Okay, Miss Leann, I'm going to defend myself.  Guys don't spill their guts.  That's just a girl thing.  Do you know any man who wants to share his feelings?  Give me a break.  You just didn't want to write about Tessa, but you wanted to learn about my skeletons.  You wanted to learn about my ex-fiancee, my mistakes in high school and problem with gambling.  I mean, Zach also wasn't to eager to admit when he was in a funk. 

You know, I wouldn't have said anything about my gambling, but Tessa was hurting and I wanted to help ease her pain but it blew up in my face.  She'd lived with a gambler, and when I confessed by gambling, she pushed me away.

I know horses and cows.  They're much easier to deal with than females, but I'll say that a girl is nicer to cuddle up to than my horse and definitely my cows.

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