Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Texan Independance Day

A couple of Sundays ago (3/4/13) over breakfast and before my husband went to church I asked him, a native Texan, what was special about the day before.  He looked up at me and said, Texas Independence Day.

Okay, he got that right.  "And when did that happened?" I asked.

He thought and said, "March 2, 1836."  Well so much for trying to fool the native.

Not being a native Texan, I didn't study it in school,  but Saturday when I read an article by Brooke Rollins of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, I was in awe of what those men and women did.

The Texians didn't have a lot of success in fighting Santa Anna and the Texians were of all nationalities and backgrounds.  And these men and woman fought against the odds.  The day they declared Independence in a little cabin on the Brazos River, their army lost at Agua Dulce.  On March 8, they lost at the Alamo.  They lost at Coleto (17days later), Copano (19 days later), Goliad (25 days later.)

Now anyone with good sense would've given up, especially after the massacre at Goliad.  There were arguments and doubts, but fifty days later, on April 21st, 1836, Texas won at San Jacinto.

That was the final victory.  Their determination is astounding. I am touched and humbled by people with such determination. Happy Independence Day, Texas.  You're 177 years old.

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